Things Are Finally Changing

by Square

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Written over the course of 3 years, Things Are Finally Changing is Square's debut full-length album.


released May 3, 2014

Music and Lyrics - Michael Velazquez
Recording and Production - Charles Brewer, Michael Velazquez



all rights reserved


Square Houston, Texas

Square is my personal music portfolio as well as a medium for my feelings.

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Track Name: Time: The Beginning
Beyond; what is such? It means further, or outside the limits. This leaves the question of what is it further than, what limitations are there, if at all?
The world we live in is so minuscule, especially regarding astronomical terms, yet we never ponder such things in great detail. Why? Maybe we’re wired to not delve into these ‘things,’ for the simple fact that they hold the power of driving an individual to the brink of insanity. Or possibly we’re constantly mulling it around our minds, simple as cattle chewing on regurgitated cud; and the lack of such is what fuels our insanity.
Why all this crazy talk, you may be wondering? Well does it even matter?

Me and you, we’re of the few, the few who understand THE WORLD. The way it works, always seems so new. Never forget; we were made for MORE.
Track Name: Addiction: Patterns
Everything I perceive is filtered through this screen
Every constant thought altering reality
I stare intrigued at the sea of gray
They're all the same, they're all so vague

The patterns in my mind will never change
Colors swirlin', thoughts a twirlin' down the endless cognitive drain

I am independent, I designed my own mold
Others don't tell me what to think I let my theories unfold
I stand distinguished in the sea of gray
I resonate throughout the forest of fake

Track Name: "Love": Sorrow
I see the pain in her eyes
and I can't help her
I just have to sit back and let her cry

She feels the pain in her heart
and she can't do anything
anything at all

Let go of all your troubles and sorrow

I feel the pain in my heart
and I can't help it
I just have to sit back and cry

She sees the pain in my eyes
and she can't do anything
anything at all

I'll tell you what, it'll be better in the end
Better in the end, for the both of us

Let go
Track Name: Thoughts: An Instance
People will pass me by
What do they see?
Is it really me?
Is it really happening?

On the verge of collapse, every tongue is a trap
Cancel the sun; ignite everyone

All the lonely people
secretive and feeble
they're alike, yes we're alike
All the lonely people
all the lonely people
Why am I, I?

Waiting for the world to change
Deprived of love derived from hate
Longing for creative minds
The lonely world an empty plate

And they never saw me there
Shaping the golden pear
Reviving the long dead heart
Internally falling apart

Of all the lonely people
all the lonely people
Why am I, I?
All the lonely people
secretive and feeble
all the holy people
hiding in their steeples
they're alike, they all cry, they all hide, they share one mind
Track Name: Time: To Go
Where rivers and streams used to flow
The land where trees never cease to grow
Transformed to ice and covered in snow
It's time, yes time to go

Spring leaves they now begin to fall
Permafrost minds forget it all
The fish that swim instinctively know
It's time to go

You've grown so tall

Tiny people they begin to dance
The songs they sing provide subliminal trance
From Russia with love to beautiful France
It's time, yes time to go

Sweet harmonies protect us all
Please do not let the sky fall
Progressing at a pace rather slow
It's time to go

You've grown so old
You're eyes are cold
The wind will show
It's time to go
Track Name: Earth: The Interlude
Left with nothing inside
Right when it was needed
Down to the river bed
Up into the sky

Backpack full of cinder blocks
Pockets overflow with rocks
No response after the knocks
Broken key for broken locks

Morbid were the thoughts
Bittersweet and vivid
Darkened crimson hue
Mentality so livid

Now the sun sets leavings rays of pink and red
Where I used to place my feet I now place my head
Turning hands spin so slow while I watch intently
The tower I built in my dreams tumbles along with me

Plug your nose
Close your eyes
Pray to God
May the bastards die
Track Name: Mother: Hillbilly
Everything I see is dark, yet still so vivid
All the things we breathe are art, I'm not complacent

She's so to herself
Puts her life on a shelf
Believes that she's nothing
She lives in a shell
The way that she thinks
Ensures that she sinks
I wish I were something
She works out the kinks
Track Name: Friend: Fox
There once was a boy
Who longed to be man
He developed a ploy
A devious plan

The boy made a friend
His friend was generous
He betrayed him in the end
His plan was devious

Oh he thought his words were heavy
Yet they were stagnant

He drew his gun and aimed it at me
You lack the talent

He took his final shot right at me
You're pitiful

Shit talks, who's listening?
I'm not, your words are empty
Shit talks, but who's listening?
I'm not, your words are empty

It's almost as if you expected me to quit. Like the words you typed were worth more than spit. And now here we are on opposite ends of the street and all I see in you are bones, skin, and meat.

Words are empty
Track Name: Loss: Burial
Golden fur
Careless stride
Chocolate eyes
That match almonds in size

Maddison the pup
Drink the water up go and run
Lovely and so fair
Gliding through the air oh so fun

I'm sorry I wasn't there when you couldn't move
Lying on our deck, I cried when I touched your corpse
Track Name: Prison: The Garden
Watching and waiting and
Talking and hating and
People relating to me

Enthralling perplexing
They haunt me they hex me
Cursing indefinitely

Quicksand dragging me deeper and deeper in
Within the pressure builds then releases the wind

Stopping the patterns
They took me to Saturn
And there I danced on her rings

Patrolling the garden
The drug is the warden
Destroying him reveals the key

Riptides pulling and causing the sun to subside
Will I remember the way to the light
Quicksand losing it's grip and setting me free
Her web causes the whispering voices to cease