KALEIDOHOPE (a self produced musical love letter)

by Square

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written for Elizabeth Wisenbaker


released August 14, 2014

written, produced, mixed and mastered by Michael Velazquez



all rights reserved


Square Houston, Texas

Square is my personal music portfolio as well as a medium for my feelings.

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Track Name: Then: The Lady
The lady, she was beautiful
The way she carried her soul

The lady, she caught my eye
The way time seemed to just fly
A singular problem exist;
and it's him

But I'm patient, I can wait. I've persevered through longer before and made it out fine, but what use is waiting if tomorrow I'll die or if I'll even wake up, just the flip of a dime.
There's a haze on my mind, a sort of mental block. It's stunting my potential- a feather tied to a rock. The rock is drifting deeper, my heart is in sync, my envy is growing stronger with every thought that I think. That I'm just thoughtful thinker thinking thoughtful thoughts of anger, I never thought that thinking mattered- I thought as if my thoughts a pattern.

Where do I walk from here?
Deeper in to this rabbit hole?
Am I Alice in this Wonderland?
Who am I to you?
I really wanna know.
You know what, fuck it.
Track Name: Then: To Ashes
I've been trying so long to hear you right but it sounds so wrong
I've tried to build it in my head, it leaves me wide awake in bed

Start it over and over again

If nothing ever happened then what was all that shit about?
If nothing ever mattered, then what was all that talk about hearts and other things?
You're drowning me on dry land
Sometimes love is more than simply holding hands

Don't you feel like something's up? I'm sitting here an empty cup
Don't you wonder why I'm blue? Maybe something has to do with you
Track Name: Now: By Yourself
Fallin' slowly barely movin'
Raindrops splashin' mental soothin'
Fill the bucket full and heavy
Tip it over watch it steady

How much do you really know?
About yourself
How far would you plan to go?
With no one else

Just by yourself

Last words spoken you are broken
Sliced in half and hardly croakin'
Though you hear the window shatter
Smooth breeze follows; doesn't matter

How can you tell apart?
The heart and mind
How do you pick a start?
Solely to find

Just by ourselves
Track Name: Now: 'L' Is For;
Anticipation begins
Across the nation we're friends
Twelve-hundred or so
One foot in the end

The moon is nothing special you know, the Sun provides it's light
The sense of sight is empty in the night

So, please tell me I'm not insane
I'm just insanely in 'L' with you
My heart tells me that you're to blame
'Cause I'm insanely in 'L' with you

Did I think it would happen this way?
Not at all but it happened all the same
I'm just happy
That this isn't a game

Text means nothing don't you know, unless there's more behind
I picked a start now hold my heart alright?

So, please tell me I'm not insane
I'm just insanely in 'L' with you
My heart tells me that you're the same
'Cause I'm insanely in 'L' with you
Track Name: Now: E Pluribus Unum
Two halves of the same coin
I just can't help but smile
I know it doesn't rhyme
But I just don't care at all
Out of many, one
If many are two
If two are you and I
We'll always be just fine

And I just can't wait to see you face to face
No I just can't wait to feel my heartbeat race
I'll keep this short and sweet, I will get right to the point
I never knew true happiness before I found this coin